HTC launches the HTC Fetch for forgetful users!

HTC Fetch with HTC One

Are you notorious for leaving the house without your smartphone, or for losing it amongst the receipts and pens in your handbag? HTC has launched a new device, called HTC Fetch, designed to keep your phone with you at all times.

The device, which measures just 3cm x 3cm, sits discreetly onto a key ring (useful, so long as you don’t also lose your keys).

HTC Fetch: HTC's Latest Accessory

If you ever move 15 metres away from your smartphone, Fetch will send you a warning to remind you to go back and pick up your missing device. If you ever misplace your phone, then by pressing a button, your phone’s ringtone will sound, allowing you to locate it.

If you ever lose both Fetch and your phone, the device comes with a Bluetooth-powered map function, allowing you to see when the two devices were last paired together.

HTC Fetch is compatible with a range of HTC smartphones, including the One, One Max, One Mini, Butterfly and Desire 601.

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