HTC Dot Matrix Case Gets Update

HTC Dot Matrix Case

The HTC One M8 certainly made a pretty big splash this spring when it finally hit stores, wowing consumers with its fancy features and long rumoured dual camera.

But one thing which took plenty of people by surprise was the dot matrix case introduced alongside the handset.

Now it seems like that case has really taken off, after HTC confirmed that it will be receiving a software update to keep things fresh, as well as improve its number of practical uses for HTC One M8 fans.

The case itself was shipped shortly after the HTC One M8, and as well as looking tremendously cool, also offered users the ability to check the time, weather, receive notifications from texts and emails as well as letting them answer calls, all without as much as opening up the case.

Do you have the HTC dot matrix case?

This is obviously helpful, and helps with a number of things; saving battery for one, with the case requiring a lesser amount of juice to work the dot matrix case compared to powering the whole screen.

But this update improves on the already fairly successful integration of the case with a mixture of practical improvements and design upgrades.

Redial mode is one of the more practical parts of the update; allowing users to swipe up to see the three most recent callers and then choose to redial any one of those three contacts quickly and easily.

Left and right swipes now also let users browse email, voicemail, text and call notifications, letting you take a look at how many of each you have in a more flexible way.

Wallpaper customisation is one of the more noticeable additions to the update, letting users choose between 18 different themes supplied by HTC and also allowing you to choose your own picture from the gallery if you so please.

The dot matrix case app is supplied for free on the Google Play Store rather than being a built in feature on the HTC One M8, and should update automatically, however if you have issues, you can also re-download it to grab the update.

The update is out now in the UK, but does depend on location and network provider, so if you haven’t been graced with it just yet, give it a few days.

Will you use the HTC redial feature on the dot matrix case?

The case is currently available in red, blue, orange and black from HTC but has been spotted in a green colour online as well, and originally set users back around £35.

Now though you can find the case for a sub £20 price tag after a quick eBay search, helping HTC users save at least some of their cash if they’re desperate for a version of the case.

Currently, only the HTC One M8 is compatible with the dot matrix case, but the HTC One Mini 2 could also feature a similar case sometime in the future, with HTC only needing to downsize the case rather than completely rehashing its design.

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Written by Luke Hatfield