HTC 10 Officially Unveiled

HTC 10

After a lengthy wait, the HTC 10 has finally arrived on the market, almost two months after the handset was expected to be revealed at MWC.

Following months of rumours, HTC finally took to the stage to unveil the follow up to the One M9, this time ditching the ‘One’ moniker for a number only name.

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Time to meet the HTC 10

Sticking with the classic and brilliant design which made the original HTC One such a hit, the HTC 10 keeps the metallic build, whilst the general shape also stays true to its origins.

It does offer slight changes to the One M9 however, with thinner bezels around the display offering a near edge to edge style. Meanwhile a physical home button makes its way underneath the display at the bottom of the device, doubling as a fingerprint scanner like so many other handsets do nowadays.

Meet the HTC 10

It seems that the dual front facing speakers have been ditched, with the bottom output heading to the underside of the base, whilst the top speaker stays put – but they’re still listed as BoomSound quality.

Elsewhere it’s business as normal with its design, with the back of the phone looking similar to previous efforts. As was the case last time out, it’s a metallic build taking the majority of the plaudits, ensuring that the HTC 10 looks and feels great.

HTC 10 Specs

One area which the HTC 10 dramatically improved upon the One M9 is with its spec sheet, boasting plenty more quality this time around – something HTC will be hoping brings in more sales.

The biggest jump up is with the phone’s display, which has grown to an all-new size of 5.2” and sports QHD quality. This makes the screen one of the biggest and sharpest of the HTC line-up, and is ideal for watching films or playing games.

Looking past the screen, we get 4GB RAM (which is another first for HTC), a Snapdragon 820 chipset and a 3000mAh QuickCharge battery. There’s also an octa-core processor to play with, which ensures that things are done quickly on the device, without the fear of lag weighing you down.

Topping everything off is an all-new camera, which brings back the UltraPixel technology that was previously included. The front lens sports 5 megapixels of its own as well – using optical image stabilisation for added quality.

Will you buy the HTC 10?

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HTC 10 Release Date

Despite being unveiled this week, HTC won’t be releasing the phone onto the market until later on in April, with the final week of the month most likely to host the launch.

Prices will vary depending on the tariff you opt for, as well as the network you choose, so be sure to compare your HTC 10 deals before splashing the cash.

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Written by Luke Hatfield