HP to Reveal Two New Devices Before 2014?

HP Tablet

HP is rumoured to be giving us a Christmas surprise, by revealing two new handheld devices before the year is out.

The move would certainly be a shock one, considering that they will only have a week to announce the devices before we kick off 2014.

The two models in question are rumoured to feature a 6” and 7” screen respectively, with both targeting emerging markets and being lower budget than other phablets and tablets on the market.

There is no news out on whether the devices will run on Android, Windows or another operating system, and the names of the devices are also under wraps.

There are even rumours that the two models may hit the market before 2014, however the odds of this actually happening seem very slim, but if it’s true it could take the technology market completely by surprise.

HP was thought to be working on an Android powered tablet for a while now, and if this proves to be that rumoured model, we wouldn’t be surprised.

More details are slowly leaking out, with the devices rumoured to be running a 1GHz quad-core processor.

As more details come out, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, but it wouldn’t be shock to see HP wait at least until CES in Las Vegas in January to actually release the devices, but then again, it is Christmas…

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By Luke Hatfield