Huawei Honor 7 Officially Launched

Honor 7

Huawei hosted a press event this week, officially outing a brand new smartphone to join its already impressive ranks – the Honor 7.

The phone has a very distinct upper-mid range feel about it, something which is becoming a popular market for those who don’t fancy spending upward of £500 on a smartphone. But the phone also looks like one of the classiest we’ve ever seen from Huawei, which bodes well for its summer sales expectations.

Honourable Design and Specs

The Huawei Honor 7 definitely doesn’t run half measures with its design; rocking a full metal unibody style that’s one of the most appealing we’ve seen.

It comes in a fairly limited colour palette – with gold, silver and grey the only options. However, this is in keeping with the likes of the iPhone 6, which also packs just three colours, and it hasn’t done too poorly, has it?

There are no real surprises when it comes to finding your way around the phone, with all the buttons where you’d expect them to be.

The specs are very friendly as well, starting with a 5.2” 1080p display and a Kirin 935 chipset which give the Honor 7 a great level of performance.

The addition of an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM also helps, making the Honor 7 one of the best Huawei phones yet, even though it might not hold that title for long with the next Nexus phone being made by the Chinese company.

Topping things off for the Honor 7 is a 3100mAh battery and a 20 megapixel rear camera, which is assisted by an 8 megapixel front facing lens as well.

Fingerprint Fun

What's the big deal with the Huawei Honor 7?

One of the most notable additions to the Huawei smartphone is the fingerprint scanner which is located just underneath the main camera.

It allows for access to the phone in place of a lock code or pattern, but will also link in with Android Pay in certain locations, which will be an interesting proposition.

The scanner itself doesn’t require you to move your finger over it like the one which has featured on some Samsung handsets, instead favouring a simple placing method like Touch ID on the iPhone.

The placement on the back of the phone is quite interesting as well, although we’ve seen this before on the HTC One Max it could prove more of a novelty on the back of the phone.

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Honor 7 Release Date

Huawei will be releasing the Honor 7 in three different versions. The 16GB Honor 7 will price up at $320 (£205), whilst a dual-sim version will be $355 (£225), the third 64GB dual-sim version will be the most expensive at $400 (£255).

All three will go on sale in China from July 7th, with a UK launch likely to go ahead at a later date that’s yet to be confirmed.

So, what do you make of the Huawei Honor 7? Do you think it’s worth buying? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield