Gresso Unveils Another Exclusive Smartphone

Regal Gold

If you’re after a smartphone on a shoestring then you may be better off not reading this story, after Gresso revealed yet another exclusive, and somewhat overpriced smartphone.

Becoming a part of the Gresso Regal product line, the Regal Gold is just another smartphone added to the exclusive Gresso selection, and costs a bank account shredding $6,000 (£3,900).

Talk about individual!

Is this the most exclusive smartphone of the year?

As with most Gresso handsets, you’ll be joining a rather exclusive club if you decide to invest in it, with only 999 units of the Regal Gold being built.

Each phone features an 18k yellow gold insert which features the number of the device upon it, you’re even allowed to choose the number you want, as long as it hasn’t previously been taken by another ‘lucky’ Gresso owner.

The phone is also constructed from golden PVD-coated titanium which is more widely used in the aerospace industry, so you’ll be able to brag about that to your mates as well.

Each 8.8mm device takes approximately eight hours to make, with each phone being poured over by a single craftsman.

So, if you’re tired of seeing everyone else with the same smartphone as you – the Gresso Regal Gold could be for you!

Not so super specs…

Despite costing several thousand pounds more than the average mobile phone, the Gresso Regal Gold doesn’t actually wow anyone with its spec sheet.

It rocks the Android operating system, although we’re not entirely sure which one (we’ve got our fingers crossed for Lollipop), whilst also packing a 5” 1080p display.

Is the Gresso Regal Gold a bit of a cop out?

Behind the screen we have 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, both of which are good, but nowhere near exciting enough to match the phone’s price tag.

An unnamed 1.5GHz processor is also included, whilst we won’t be getting the scorching 4G speeds which are now commonplace with the Gresso’s non-LTE set-up.

In general, you’re paying for the design of the phone rather than the actual internal set-up, which is a bit of a shame.

Buy it now, if you have the credit line…

The Gresso Regal Gold is available to buy now if you happen to have £4000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Of course, it won’t be featuring on our site, but you can find it on the official Gresso online shop, with free worldwide shipping included.

So, are you planning on splashing the cash with this ridiculously priced smartphone? Why not let us know why you plan on doing it via Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Written by Luke Hatfield