Google files patent for Face Unlock security system

Google’s Face Unlock security system

With Google Glass causing controversy with concerns over security, it seems that Google is set on settling the score by improving its Face Unlock technology in its mobile phones.

Face Unlock essentially acts the same way as a fingerprint scanner might work on a laptop; your phone only unlocks if it recognises your face. However, when Face Unlock was initially introduced it stirred up security issues, mainly because a simple photo of your face managed to by-pass the security check.

The Jelly Bean 4.1 version stepped the feature up a level by making users blink before the phone would unlock, ensuring that they were in fact a real person.

However, it seems that Google is ready to take Face Unlock that bit further, and a patent application filed for the concept suggests that a new and improved Face Unlock could become a fixed feature on Android devices at some point in the near future.

The updated Face Unlock is said to recognise not only blinking, but full facial gestures, such as sticking out your tongue and winking. The feature will also be able to recognise facial features such as freckles, facial hair or facial piercings, to make it harder to trick the system.

When we will see Face Unlock installed onto our Android phones, however, is still unknown. But with rival Apple said to be working on fingerprint recognition for the iPhone 6, developing an innovative security system is obviously high on Google’s agenda.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel