Google to release the Moto X on August 1st

Google to release the Moto X this autumn

Updated: August 1st release

Initially an internal memo leaked suggested that the Moto X would be hitting the shelves as soon as August 23rd in the U.S. However, it is now expected that the Moto X will be revelaed at a press event in New York this Thursday, 1st August.

Although it is still unknown when the Moto X will reach Britain, leaked press shots of the Moto X (courtesy of @evleaks) at least confirm that it is indeed a real device...

July 11th Release Date?

Almost two years after Google acquired mobile phone manufacturer Motorola, the rumours suggest that the internet giant will release the Moto X smartphone on the 11th July.

However, Motorola itself has jumped in to confirm that there is no such launch happening on July 11th, and in fact the day will consist of a private event organised by Guy Kawasaki, who moved to Motorola from Apple, and will not feature any product launches. disappointing news!

If you wanted to know why the July 11th rumours were so strong, take a look at Motorola's teaser, issued last week:

Motorola's advertising campaign shows two figures jumping into a lake from a platform. Many sources have concluded that the shapes made by the two figures despicts the number 11 in Roman numerals, XI.

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Is this the Moto X?

This image, revealed by allegedly shows the Moto X, which comes up in testing as the Motorola XT1056.

However, in Motorola's official advertising campaign, this is the image used:

Do you think either of the images reveal what the mysterious Moto X will look like? 

16 different colours?

Motorola has promised that the Moto X will be customisable, and now French site has published photos which reportedly show some of the 16 colour variations we could be seeing on the new device.

It has been reported that Motorola will be launching the Moto X in bright hues, as pictured above, as well as more subdued colours like blue and black. 

Other sources have also hinted that the Moto X will have changeable front casing too, though it is unclear how this would work in practice, as touchscreen devices make changing the front casing difficult to do. 


Although Google hasn’t revealed any of the Moto X’s specs, a leaked Tweet from famous tipster @evleaks suggests the device will feature a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, a 10MP camera and will run Android v.4.2.2. 

Made in the US

The announcement from google also suggested that the Moto X will be drawing on Motorola’s creative and innovative talents. The Moto X will feature a number of sensors which will detect whether the phone is sitting in your pocket or in your car’s hands-free cradle. This will then allow the phone to predict what its user wants to do next.

Critics from Apple have suggested that this innovation is taking things too far, whereas Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s chief executive, has insisted that the device will make "audaciousness" and "innovation" return to the world of mobile computing.

The most interesting thing revealed so far about the Moto X device is that it will be manufactured primarily in the US. The plant at Fort Worth in Texas, which was once used to make Nokia handsets, will be staffed with 2,000 workers in order to produce the high-quality but low-budget mobile phones.

Although the device will be made in Texas, 30% of its parts will still have to be sourced from other US states as well as Asia, including its processors from Taiwan and screens from Korea.

This makes a break from other mobile phone firms which manufacturer their handsets in Asia. Even Apple has come under fire recently for a high suicide rate for workers in its Foxconn factory in China, so Google’s decision to make the Moto X a little closer to home seems like a sensible decision.

Chief exec, Woodside, said: "When your manufacturing is thousands of miles away from your engineers and your designers, you lose the ability to innovate, you lose the ability to make fast changes to how you're manufacturing things…There's a ton of technology that's coming in around 3D printing and much smaller-run manufacturing that we think we can take advantage of right here."

Although we have yet to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Moto X, Google has announced that we will be seeing it hit our shelves this autumn.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel