Google Takes Hit on Motorola Deal

Lenovo Motorola Deal

Google is done with Motorola after less than three years, selling the mobile phone division off to Lenovo in a deal worth £1.8 billion.

Google had paid an astonishing £7.5 billion for Motorola just under three years ago and has clearly made a massive loss with the deal, throwing £5.7 billion down the drain.

The only good part of the deal for Google is being able to keep most of Motorola’s patent portfolio of around 10,000 patents.

Google has since said that Lenovo will be able to work with the Motorola brand far better than it would have been able to.

Lenovo is a China based PC manufacturer, measuring as the largest of its kind, and has been trying to acquire a smartphone business for a while now.

The company had shown previous interest in struggling smartphone giant BlackBerry, and also had a rumoured bid for HTC turned down last year.

But now it seems the Chinese tech company has finally acquired a smartphone brand, and will be sure to start developing new handsets in the not so distant future.

The last handset we saw from Motorola was the Moto X, which hasn't seen huge success on our shores.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see anything out of Lenovo for a while, but we will definitely be expecting something toward the end of the year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield