Google releases promotional video of Google Glass

Google releases promotional video of Google Glass

Google has released a promotional video on YouTube which demonstrates the amazing features of the hotly anticipated Google Glass, smart spectacle-type technology which can perform all of the functions of a smartphone.

The video shows users demonstrating that Google Glass can be used to take photographs, record videos, send messages and social media posts, as well as make and answer phone and video calls.

The device relies heavily on voice recognition, which ultimately enhances the hands-free capability of the device, allowing its users to perform all the functions that a smnartphone can, without even having to change your eye line. The device displays all alerts, apps and information in a small box in the top right hand corners of the user’s field of vision, meaning that the device poses minimal interference with your day-to-day activities.   

This video comes just a week before MWC, where it is hoped that more wearable devices and gadgets will be unveiled, following on from predictions from this year’s CES that 2013 will be the year of wearable technology. Patents have been filed by Apple, Microsoft and Sony for similar wearable devices, so we can expect to see some more smartphone-style spectacles very soon. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel