Google Play Newsstand v4 update

Google Play Newsstand v4 update

The Google Play Newsstand v4 update completely reinvents the free news app and introduces big design changes and enhancements.

The Google Play Newsstand (v4.0.0 / Build 2016110205) update is rolling out now. If the latest version doesn’t appear in the Play Store then it is possible to download the APK file from sources such as APKMirror.

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Warning: APK (Android Application Package) files are apps that can be downloaded from sources other than the Play Store. Google does not recommend downloading such files as they have not been certified safe and virus free by Google. Hence, you download APK files at your own risk. 

Newsstand v4 features

The front page of the Newsstand app has been reorganised and drops the rather tired look that used to include a static image and the Top News and Highlights menu bar.

Google Play Newsstand v4 features

Instead we now find the Google Search Bar, a personalised welcome message and the local weather, all of which sit on top of an animated news story image. Beneath this, we find a Briefing of the top news stories. When you scroll down the page, the Search Bar fades away but reappears if you begin to scroll upwards.

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The Briefing is followed by Highlights and these are news stories that are recommended by the app, based upon your interests and usage history.

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At the bottom of the screen, there are four fixed icons that allow you to move between various tabs. These tabs includes For You (the home screen), Library, Explore and Read Later:

  • Library - This tab is split into two columns named Topics & Sources and Digest. You can add or reorganise the topics and sources in the first tab and doing so will affect what appears and in which order they appear, in the Digest column. The Digest column shows the top three stories for each topic or from each source selected on the first tab.
  • Explore - Here you can browse by interests for news stories, publications and magazines.
  • Read Later - Any news story or article can be saved for reading (offline) later and this tab is where they are located.

Google Play Newsstand v4 will allow you to add any topic to the device’s home screen for easy access. 

In addition to this, Newsstand has its own widget and supports pop-up widgets, for those who want access to widget information, just by swiping a finger over its icon. This option is ideal for those who do not want to lose masses of home screen space to a widget.

Newsstand v4 settings

The drawer button (three horizontal lines) has been incorporated into the Search Bar and this now only includes a Settings option and a Help & Feedback option.

Within the settings, you can set up notifications for top stories & topics, magazines you subscribe to, deals and offers related to your interests and to get a daily news briefing each morning.

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Further settings allows you to download For You content as a default for offline reading, swap the view to mini cards, adjust the article text size and turn off the Data Saver mode.

Before this update, Google Play Newsstand was becoming a bit dated, but now it is a worthy contender for any newsreader app out there.

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Written by: Michael Brown