Google Play gift cards launch in the UK

Google Play gift cards

Google was falling behind Apple when it came to offering gift cards for their online app store with iTunes vouchers available in many retailers, but now it looks like that has been remedied.

Google Play gift cards are now available in the UK so if you just don't know what to get your Android loving friends you now have the perfect solution. The cards can be used to purchase anything on the Play Store so your friends and loved ones can use the gift cards for apps, music, games and anything else available on Google Play.
The cards are sold in £10, £25 and £50 increments and the initial roll out has placed the cards in Tesco and Morrison branches so you should be seeing them in your local stores over the next few weeks.

Google Play Family Library launches

Google Play gift cards were launched in the USA last year and now in the UK we can get our hands on them too. These are bound to prove popular with UK shoppers and I would expect to see these cards in many other stores as the year progresses.
Would you buy your friends or family Google Play gift cards? Would you prefer these gift cards rather than other gifts? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us or join the conversation on Google+.