Google Pixel announced

Google Pixel announced

Google has announced the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL for the UK and these two new smartphones are about to go on pre-order, with pre-orders having the added bonus of the Daydream View VR headset thrown in.

Update: Google updates Newsstand app to v4

The reason the Google Pixel is making headline news is because it has the highest rated smartphone camera ever, exceptional battery life and it is the first phone to have the Google Assistant built in.

Google Pixel design

The Google Pixel has a 5” FHD AMOLED screen, which crucially displays true blacks over 441 pixels per inch. The Google Pixel XL caters to those who want a larger visual experience and its 5.5” QHD AMOLED display turns up the heat with 534 pixels per inch.

Google Pixel review

Both models have displays that are protected behind 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and the active area covers 75% of the front face.

Google Pixel and Daydream View VR headset

The Google Pixel design is premium grade with a glass and aluminium metal unibody and an easy-to-grip surface. The body isn’t overly thin at 8.5mm but it really catches the eye in Really Blue, which accompanies two other creatively named colour choices of Very Black and Quite Silver.

Google Pixel XL review

On the rear of the phone we find a back-mounted fingerprint sensor that uses Pixel Imprint technology to unlock the phone quickly. Ingeniously, a finger swipe downwards over the sensor gives quick access to notifications, which is pretty handy when we consider that checking notifications is probably the most used action on any smartphone.

Music is outputted through a single bottom-firing speaker, while inside the Google Pixel has a Snapdragon 821 2.15Ghz quad-core processor with 4GB RAM. The Google Pixel will be offered with either a 32GB or 128GB internal memory.

Google Pixel camera

The Google Pixel camera has achieved the best ever 89 DxOMark Mobile score, certifying its ability to capture brilliant photos in any light. The 12.3MP camera has a f/2.0 aperture and large 1.55μm pixels and can record 4K quality video at 30fps.

Pixel Lens Blur

The camera app offers a range of Pixel branded features that includes Pixel HDR+, Pixel Lens Blur, Pixel Panorama with Fisheye Mode, Pixel Photosphere and Pixel Smartburst.

Pixel Panorama with Fisheye Mode

The secondary 8MP selfie camera has a f/2.4 aperture and combined, these two cameras benefit from unlimited storage of photos and videos with Google.

The Google Duo video calling app is also pre-installed for contacting family and friends on Android or iOS devices.

Google Pixel battery

Aside from the screen size and definition, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL also have different sized batteries. The Google Pixel XL has a high capacity 3,450mAh battery that offers up to 23 days standby or 32 hours talk time, 14 hours of internet browsing, 14 hours of video playback or up to 130 hours of audio playback.

Google Pixel battery

The Google Pixel has a slightly lower capacity 2,770mAh battery that offers up to 19 days standby or 26 hours talk time, 13 hours of internet browsing, 13 hours of video playback or up to 110 hours of audio playback.

Both the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are fast charging with 7 hours use gained from just 15 minutes charge. Charging takes place with the new USB Type-C cable, which is symmetrical and can be plugged in either way up.

Google Assistant

The Google Pixel is the first smartphone to have the Google Assistant built in, although existing Android device owners can experience the Google Assistant preview edition through the Google Allo app, which can be downloaded through the Play Store.

About Google Allo

The Google Assistant uses the power of natural voice dialogue recognition to allow the user to complete common tasks through conversational speech commands.

The Google Assistant can answer questions, find out when local places close, find out when its going to rain, set reminders and make dinner reservations while sending the details to a friend by text. The Google Assistant can also be instructed to play music, play videos, check when musicians are on tour, search the photo gallery, check flight times and find the address of hotels.

About Android Nougat

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL run on Google’s Android Nougat operating system, which includes a number of popular Google apps and services.

Switching to Google Pixel

It is easier than ever to switch to the Google Pixel smartphone, thanks to the included Quick Switch Adapter. This connects an old Android device or iPhone directly to the Pixel. Once connected the owner needs to sign into their Google Account or create a new one.

Switching to Google Pixel

After this, the Google Pixel will automatically transfer over contacts, calendar, videos, photos, music, iMessages and text messages.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL appear to be great smartphones in their own right. There is however another reason to make the Google Pixel your next phone. 

As a Google mobile phone, the Pixel will be one of the first phones to get the next version of the Android OS, which will be Android O and released in 2017. This should makes the Google Pixel the number one choice for early adopters and anyone who loves being the first to experience new features, as they are developed. 

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Written by: Michael Brown