Google Now on Tap adds Translate

Google Now on Tap adds Translate

A July update of Google’s Now on Tap service is being rolled to Android Marshmallow users. The latest version of Now on Tap will add text translation, visual content streams and barcode/QR scanning features, to the already useful service.

Now on Tap Translate

The Google Chrome web browser has been able to perform foreign text translation for some time, but translations within apps have long been avoiding Android smartphone owners.

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This latest Now on Tap update tackles this issue and it is now possible get help within apps, without stopping what you are doing. Marshmallow users will now be able to get instant translations of foreign language text within apps such as Google Maps, the app and the TripAdvisor app.

Now on Tap Translate

To use translate within an app, the user needs to press and hold the Home button to activate Now on Tap. The pop up will then display a ‘Translate this screen’ card, which can be tapped to complete the process.

If single foreign words appear within an app then it is also possible to tap the ‘finger icon’ in the Now on Tap pop up, in order to select the foreign word.

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Now on Tap will automatically detect the foreign language and this service will work on Marshmallow smartphones that have their language set to English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

Now on Tap Discover icon

A Discover icon has also found its way into this update and when tapped, the service will provide a scroll-able stream of visual content and YouTube videos, that are linked to the topic on the screen.

Discover icon

Now on Tap Search by Image

Expanding the use of the existing Search by Image feature, which was added to Now in Tap back in June, the camera can now be used to capture barcodes or QR codes

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Once a barcode or QR code has been captured by the camera, a long press is once again needed to activate Now on Tap. Following this action, the Android phone will show  reviews of the product as well as offer more information about that product.

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Written by: Michael Brown