Google Maps Returns to the iStore

The launch of the iPhone 5 was hotly anticipated and one of the jewels in the crown of the phone and new iOS (according to Apple) was the new Maps app. After announcing they would be dropping the Google Maps app in favour of their own creation, and after numerous complaints regarding glitches and problems users had experience on the Apple Maps app Google Maps has now returned to the iStore.
With so many issues with their own app it appears Apple had to back track and give Google maps to their users and considering the huge demand has now stopped some users downloading it would appear its return has made many people happy.
The latest Google Maps for the iPhone has been completely redesigned according to Google with tons more information, pictures and points of interest as well as increased accuracy (ahem a slight issue on Apple Maps) for finding what you need quicker.
The usual voice guided turn-by-turn navigation is included as well as the usual public transport information and traffic updates as well as over 80 million businesses and points of interest. The app now delivers more of the map to the screen with faster loading and smooth rotating and tilting in 3D or 2D mode. The bottom of the screen now includes an expandable information pane which can show the address, opening times, reviews and directions and more. The points of interest can be easily accessed via Street View and now many businesses have included photos of inside their premises so you can get a sneak peak before you choose to head there.
So if you have the latest iPhone 5 and want to get back to Google Maps you can now visit the iStore to download it, although you may have to join a long queue.