Google Glass shipment begins

Google Glass shipment begins

The controversial Google Glass devices are finally being shipped today, primarily to developers and industry specialists, after much intrigue over the specs, functions and design of the smartphone spectacles.

Whilst Google has unveiled various promotional videos showing the device in action in recent months, the Google Glass’ specs have only just been released in full.


The device features a display which is the equivalent to standing 8 feet away from a 25 inch HD screen, with an in-built 5MP camera, which captures both photos and videos.

Because Google Glass is designed to be worn, all devices sport adjustable nose pads which can be adapted in order to fit the individual’s face.

Also, Google has tried to do away with the restrictiveness of wires in its latest device, and has developed a Bone Conduction Transducer whereby audio waves travel directly into your ear without the use of headphones.

Google’s innovative device has been built with 12 GB of internal storage, with the additional option of syncing to Google Cloud to extend this. Google’s Glass will be fully functional much like a traditional smartphone, with its battery being able to survive approximately 24 hours of typical use.  

No advertising allowed

Unveiling the Ts&Cs for Google Glass, developers have discovered that they will not be permitted to place adverts on the device’s display, which has led to much disgruntlement among app developers.

Not just that, but Google has also stated that app developers will not be able to charge for any apps that appear on Google Glass, which again is a bold decision for the American web giant to make.


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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel