Google Glass 2.0 in the Works

Google Glass

After setting the wearable world alight, Google Glass looked as though it could be the next big mobile trend. However, production has since stopped, and the device was feared dead, until now.

Google has officially confirmed that it is putting in some hours to help create Google Glass 2.0, a follow up to the original wearable kit.

A New and Better Google Glass

Google is starting fresh with this second version of Glass, bringing in a whole redesign of the device which should make it more marketable to the average person.

This also goes right down into the specs and features of the device, meaning that this rethink of Google Glass could be very different to the version we saw last year.

Also, the second Glass won’t be released in a beta format like the original either, meaning we should be getting a proper version of the hardware, rather than the ‘developer’ edition.

Could we see Google Glass 2.0 soon?

The Team behind Google Glass 2.0

More good news coming out of Google is that Ivy Ross, the famous jewellery designer and Tony Fadell, of Apple and Nest fame are both involved in the development of Google Glass 2.0.

This not only means that the device itself should look the part, but also that it should be extremely well equipped for the consumer market when it is launched.

So, in simple terms, it should have the best features you can think of, without making you embarrassed to put it on when you’re out and about.

This was one of the major reasons behind the ‘failure’ of the first Google Glass, as people who wore it almost felt like they were open to criticism and constantly questioned about the device.

In fact, such was the furore around Glass, that many authorities and companies banned it within certain limits. For example, you weren’t allowed into some casinos with Glass on your head, even if you weren’t recording any video.

Google will likely to be educating people about Glass to ensure that bans on the device are fair, rather than based on a knee-jerk reaction to the device; however issues about driving with Glass will likely be argued quite widely.

What can you expect from Google Glass 2.0?

Google Glass 2.0 Launch

This redesign of Glass is giving Google a real chance to rework and improve the device, so don’t expect it to hit the market anytime soon.

As it will be targeting the mainstream market for the first time, we can probably expect it to be coming around sometime next year. Some more optimistic predictions suggest a Christmas release, but we think that’s unlikely for now.

In terms of a price tag, we’re certainly hoping for a three figure sum rather than the £1000 price tag on the previous model.

Obviously it will be expensive, but if we could somehow squeeze it into our budgets (as opposed to being forced to take out a loan) that would be great.

Of course, as more information is revealed about Google Glass 2.0 we’ll be sure to let you know. So for now, make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for all the latest!

Written by Luke Hatfield