Google Arts & Culture App Updated

Google Arts & Culture App Updated

The advances in technology have made the world so much more connected and now you can visit some of the top museums and view art exhibits, all with the help of the updated Google Arts & Culture App. Discover artifacts and view amazing artwork in detail, all from the comfort of your home and on your Android smartphone.

New features

This app has been out for almost a year now but the newly added VR Tours give you a sense of what it is really like in the museum as you browse around the predetermined route, while audio gives you information on what you are looking at.

Arts and Culture VR Tours

Another addition to the app is the Art Recogniser feature. which will help you when you do decide to head to a museum, as it will recognise the art you are looking at and give you information about it. This is currently available for use in limited locations such as the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, with more locations expected as updates roll out.

The Arts & Culture App is available for free from the Android Play Store so you can download it now and get access to some amazing Art and historical artifacts right now.

The Google Arts & Culture app 

We can't all afford to jet off to Paris or Rome to wander around the many famous museums and art installations. Nor are we all lucky enough to view a Banksy in our everyday lives, but now you can get the next best thing right on your phone. 

The new Arts & Culture app gives you access to over 850 museums, archives and organisations worldwide, where you can explore collections online. Have a favourite artist? You can view a collection of their works using the app and if you have always wanted to visit a particular museum, but haven't been able to travel there, you can browse the artifacts and take a 360 degree panoramic tour.

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If you have been lucky enough to travel to some of the top museums in the world, you can take yourself right back there with the app and zoom in to view the artwork in fantastic detail.

Arts & Culture App features

The app is organised into sections of Art, History and Wonders, with each section offering up a daily dose of information such as an artist born on this day, or what happened on this date in history.

Exploring the Art section of the app gives you access to many famous pieces of Art which can be viewed by Artist, Colour or Period. You can explore the many art pieces held in a particular museum or archive, here you will find varied worldwide locations from the Singapore Art Museum to the Times Square Arts.

History on your Smartphone

The History section of the Arts & Culture app lets you explore many museums and view and zoom into artifacts from different periods.

The daily dose of history will show you events that have occurred on this date and there is a featured exhibit for you to explore. You can view objects by historical events from various wars to the assassination of president Kennedy and from periods such as the American Frontier days or the Victorian era.

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The many partners that have worked with the app includes chateaus and castles in France and museums such as the Freud Museum and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, giving you access to amazing historical artifacts from around the world.

Landmark Tours 

The Wonders section of the app gives you unprecedented access to some of the world's most famous landmarks and beautiful architecture. Take a virtual tour of the Austrian National Library where you can see the amazing baroque architectural features or take a walk along the Golden Gate Bridge.

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You will find landmarks and sites organised by locations so if you have always fancied seeing the sights of Istanbul or Dubai, you can enjoy it all right on your phone and there are featured tours and collections to give you something new to explore each day.

Written by: Michael Brown