Google announces a Google-skinned Samsung Galaxy S4

Google-skinned Samsung Galaxy S4

Web-giant Google made a shocking announcement at its annual I/O conference yesterday. Despite rumours suggesting that the company was set to unveil its new Nexus 5 device at the event, Google surprised spectators by announcing that it will release a Samsung Galaxy S4 device equipped with stock Android Jelly Bean.

The Google-skinned Samsung Galaxy S4 will be made available in the Google Play Store for $649 (£425), and will receive updates directly from Google, much the same as Nexus devices.

It is unclear which apps this Samsung Galaxy S4 device will sport, however, especially as apps such as S Translator, S Health and S Voice Drive are key features currently used to market the handset. Omitting these apps might not be such a bad thing, though, particularly as Samsung has come under fire lately for halving its internal storage on the Galaxy S4 with ‘bloatware’ before the user even unwraps the device.

The Google-sold Galaxy S4 will be sold from June 24th in the US primarily, though no mention of it hitting the UK market has been heard as yet. It is also unclear whether Google is planning on changing the name of its variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4, with commentators suggesting that it will become yet another Nexus device.

Do you think the Google-skinned Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the same without the Samsung-own features? Which would you opt for, a Samsung-produced Galaxy S4 or a Google-owned Galaxy S4? Let us know; to post a comment, or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel