Google and Motorola team up to release the 'X Phone'

Google and Motorola team up to release the 'X Phone'

The Wall Street Journal announced that Google is teaming up with Motorola in order to create a new phone set to rival Samsung’s Galaxy range and Apple’s iPhone.

Google bought the dwindling company around seven months ago for $12.5 billion, and has since placed many of its employees in top positions at Motorola. It is hoped that Google’s input will avoid Motorola getting nudged out of the smartphone race completely.

The new model, codenamed the X Phone for now, is said to feature some ‘out there’ technology, including a bendable screen. Apparently the handset itself will be made from ceramics which will help to make the new model more damage-resistant and malleable, in order to form the phone into different shapes.

While Google has co-developed recent handsets with phone companies such as the LG and HTC, the X Phone will be Google’s first product released with Motorola. The new handset, it has been reported, will not be a continuation of Motorola’s Droid range, however, which is what makes the X phone even more interesting.

There is speculation regarding Google’s motivation for combining its efforts with Motorola to release the X Phone, with some analysts suggesting that it is due to suspicion over Samsung’s future intentions. Samsung, like many smartphones, uses the Android operating system provided by Google. However, recent reports have suggested that Samsung may be looking into ways of developing a different operating system, which will thus detract from Google’s power and value in the mobile phone market. Therefore, observers are indicating that Google’s partnership with Motorola is intended as a back-up plan for the company if Samsung chooses to detour from the Android path. Neither Google nor Samsung have commented on these allegations, however.

The X Phone is said to be launched late next year, though it is hoped that more details will be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this coming February. Rumours are even speculating that an X Tablet will be launched soon after the X Phone, though amidst recent disappointments regarding Google’s supply chain problems, many now doubt the multi-million dollar company’s capabilities within the mobile phone industry.