German hackers break through iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

German hackers break through iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

Despite Apple insisting that the fingerprint scanning technology offered by its iPhone 5S is completely secure, German hackers have managed to break into a device that was allegedly impenetrable.

The German Chaos Computer Club posted about their success last night, detailing how they managed to break into an iPhone 5S which was locked using its owner’s fingerprint. The hackers took a photograph of the user’s fingerprint taken from a glass surface, creating a duplicate of the fingerprint on a piece of film, which can then be placed on someone else’s finger to unlock the phone.

Apple has yet to comment on the findings, which cause considerable concern for all with the intention of using the fingerprint scanner to safeguard confidential and secure information. Although this technique requires the hacker to directly access the user’s fingerprint, the allegedly ‘fool proof’ security measure raises serious questions about Apple’s promises.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel