Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Goes Official

Could the Samsung Gear S prove a success?

With the love for wearable tech growing week by week, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to see Samsung rocking the boat once more, naming yet another smartwatch to its growing line-up.

This time it’s the Samsung Gear S which is set to make some headlines across the smartphone market, once again boasting Samsung’s very own Tizen operating system.

Those of you who took a keen interest in MWC will remember that Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches both featured Tizen, receiving mixed reviews.

After the system’s failure to break into the smartphone market was made abundantly clear as well, with the eventual flop of the Samsung Z, this almost seems like the last chance saloon for Tizen.

What's your take on the Samsung Gear S?

Galaxy S Specs

The Gear S is giving the system a good chance of success however, boasting a very friendly spec sheet along with a number of well thought out features.

With a 2” curved Super AMOLED display, the Gear S is promising one of the best smartwatch displays on the market.

512MB RAM and a 1GHz dual-core processor also helps keep the wearable running at a decent pace behind the scenes, making it a bit of a heavyweight on the smartwatch market for now.

Internal storage space sizes up at 4GB, which should be more than enough for your app collection and minor pieces of data, bearing in mind you won’t need much media on the device anyway.

In terms of features, the Gear S has the ability to make and receive calls, making it a worthwhile companion even if your smartphone is facing battery issues.

Calls can be made and received through the use of a neck based accessory, which gives the device a practical way of handling business, rather than having you hold your wrist to your ear for an extended period of time.

The standard smartwatch features are also included on the Gear S, with the likes of a heart rate sensor making it perfect for health conscious users.

Bluetooth 4.1 also allows for the best connectivity possible, whilst its IP67 certification rating makes sure that dust and water won’t be putting a dampener on your wearable tech fun anytime soon.

Supplying the power to the device is a 300mAh battery, which Samsung is telling us will last two full days with regular usage, around twice as long as your average smartphone.

Do you think the Gear S looks as good as other smartwatches?

Samsung at IFA

The Samsung Gear S will be on show at IFA this September, which runs from the 5th through to the 10th.

Samsung is also being heavily topped to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well, which has seen plenty of attention over the past few months.

Both devices are widely expected to find a release date this October, perfect timing for the festive rush, with no official date announced as of yet.

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Written by Luke Hatfield