Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to Ship This Month

Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung’s intuitive phablet, the Galaxy Note Edge, is set to ship to consumers on December 12th, meaning they should get it just in time for Christmas.

The Note Edge was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4 earlier on this year, but whilst the Note 4 is being sold prominently already, the Edge has been rather skittish about going up for sale.

However, it now seems that we have an official release date for the device, thanks to UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, which has listed the shipping date for the Edge on 12th December.

The Galaxy Note Edge will be released on the 12th December

Clove, another retailer for smartphone technology has had the Edge up for pre-order for around a month, but is still currently displaying an early December release date, rather than pointing out any specifics.

The phablet, which boasts a never before seen Edge display, will be available on contract or as a sim-free deal, both with varying costs.

Clove has the handset listed for sim-free deals only for £650 in black, whilst Carphone Warehouse has an exclusive whiter version as well, however the latter company does charge £750 for a sim free version of the device.

On contract, Vodafone is currently the only network supporting the handset, pricing it up at £58.50 per month if you don’t fancy paying anything up front for it, with the monthly cost obviously dropping if you’re willing to pay a bigger price up front.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that this rather beefy price tag is going to drop anytime soon, as the Note Edge is more of a limited edition style device.

However, if Samsung does find that units aren’t shifting as quickly as it would like, a post-Christmas deal isn’t completely off the cards.

The Galaxy Note Edge was unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note Edge Specs

If you need a reminder of what you’ll be getting with the Note Edge, you’ll find a 5.6” Super AMOLED display, featuring a cool new Edge Display, which can act as a notification or tools panel.

Up to 64GB storage is also included, whilst MicroSD card support is also available. 3GB RAM drives the handset on, with a quad-core 2.7GHz processor also helping out on the power front.

Also, a Snapdragon 805 chipset accompanies a 3,000mAh battery, whilst a 16 megapixel snapper finds its way onto the back of the device.

Android 4.4.4 KitKat is currently listed as the software which is available out of the box, but an update to Android Lollipop shouldn’t be far off, bringing you up to date with the latest technology when it arrives.

As expected, the main selling point for the handset is the Edge Display, as many of the other specs are identical to that of the standard Note 4, which itself has sold well.

As always, we’ll let you know when the Note Edge is officially hitting stores, but until then make sure to give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield