Samsung Galaxy A9 Leaks Ahead of Expected Announcement


Samsung’s Galaxy A line-up might not have quite the presence of its batch of S devices, but that hasn’t stopped the South Korean company popping them out for fun. Over the past few months, we’ve seen 2016 renditions of the A3, A5 and A7 handsets revealed, all of which originally debuted in 2015.

However, the most powerful Galaxy A handset has since been leaked, predictably being touted as the Samsung Galaxy A9. Proving incredibly powerful, this will be the best option for Samsung fans to invest in a high-end device without shelling out the kind of cash you might do for the likes of the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy A9 Size

One of the biggest question marks about the A9 (2016) was just how big the handset would be on launch, and it appears that the question has been answered by smartphone accessory manufacturer ITSKINS.

According to the company, the A9 will be sizing up with a 6” display, making it one of the biggest phones on the market. The bezels won’t be too big either, making for a sizeable screen to body ratio on the front of the phone.

Will the Galaxy A9 be worth buying?

In terms of the A9’s waistline, it measures up at a respectable 7.3mm, which might not be as thin as the likes of the iPhone 6s, but is still plenty slim enough to make it an easy phone to use.

Galaxy A9 Specs

Another area which all potential shoppers will be curious about is the specs which are set to be included on the A9, and it doesn’t look like it will be disappointing.

We’ve already mentioned that the screen will be sizing up at 6”, which is pretty large to say the least, but on top of this we’ll also be getting a 1080p HD resolution as well. This gives the screen plenty of quality as well as size, meaning movie watching should be a pleasure.

Other than the screen, we get a rumoured octa-core processor right alongside 3GB RAM, helping provide a lag-free and pacey experience. Meanwhile, a fingerprint scanning home button makes the cut alongside a 13 megapixel rear facing lens with OIS capabilities.

A Snapdragon 610 chipset is also rumoured to feature, whilst a front facing selfie snapper could top 5 megapixels. Topping all of that off could be a 4000mAh battery, which would provide a length recharge cycle possibly reaching two days with regular use.

Galaxy A9 Release Date

Will the A9 be the phone for you?

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Given that there’s a video leak of the phone floating around, we imagine that the Galaxy A9 is incredibly close to a full announcement, meaning a release could be just days away.

Whilst a pre-Christmas launch could prove too soon, it would be no surprise to see the A9 pop up ready for the New Year. CES could prove a worthwhile launch pad for the device, showing it off to the world’s media all at once, or Samsung could feature it during its own event. Either way, it won’t be long until we see it…

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Written by Luke Hatfield