Samsung Galaxy A9 set for CES Announcement

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung hasn’t taken long to make a move in 2016, as the Galaxy A9 is officially set to make its way into European and US markets following CES.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place each January in Las Vegas, and shows off a huge amount of technology, ranging from fridges to phones. However, this year it seems that Samsung will be using the event to announce a launch for its latest handset.

Introducing the Galaxy A9

Samsung already unveiled the Galaxy A9 in December, with plenty of leaks before it, so we don’t have many questions regarding its design or spec sheet.

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The design is as you’d expect from Samsung, with a stylish and modern chassis wrapping itself around the phone, keeping it in line with many of the other recent launches from the South Korean company.

It rocks a slim build, just 7.4mm, whilst its 6” display gives it around 75% screen to body ratio on the front side. Elsewhere, a fairly standard physical home button squeezes onto the bottom of the fascia, and includes fingerprint scanning technology.

Coming in a selection of colours, you’ll be able to find the A9 in white, black, gold or pink should Samsung see it fit to launch each colour in the western markets.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Specs

Samsung won’t be filling the A9 with its top specs so close to the launch of the S7 (which is due in February or March), however we will see a very powerful set in the device nonetheless. In fact, the A9 looks as though it could be an ideal device if you value your specs as well as your bank account’s health.

The aforementioned 6” display is packed with Super AMOLED technology and a 1080p full HD resolution, giving it more than enough punch. Meanwhile, a Snapdragon 652 chipset also provides plenty of power as well, albeit not quite at the level of the 810 or 820 versions.

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An octa-core processor also makes the cut, offering speed a plenty under the hood, whilst 3GB RAM is more than helpful when it comes to multitasking on the device. 32GB of expandable storage is also included, giving you plenty of space for all your apps and media as well.

Camera duties are dealt with thanks to a 13mp and 8mp duo, both of which do their work well. Whilst a 4,000mAh battery keeps the phablet running for well over a day as long as you don’t go overboard with it.

CES 2016 Awaits

CES will most likely show off the handset in some respect, and will give Samsung the chance to tell us just when the device will be arriving on our shores.

It’s likely that we could see the handset before the end of the month, as a February launch could leave it a little too close to the S7’s announcement at MWC. Either way, we certainly won’t be waiting too long for the A9’s launch…

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Written by Luke Hatfield