Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Release Imminent

Galaxy A3 and A5

Get ready for a new Samsung duo to hit British shores in the very near future, as the Galaxy A3 and A5 have both had firmware related to the UK released this week, meaning a hardware launch should be imminent.

Both handsets were put up for sale in India this week, so we had an inkling about a possible European launch from that, but now it’s almost guaranteed, putting an end to the reported production issues that had dogged the handsets previously.

Revealed as much more budget-friendly options for Samsung fans, both the A5 and A3 look a lot like the Galaxy Alpha, boasting a metallic trim and more premium feel. However, they do vary on paper when it comes down to specs.

Galaxy A3

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy A3 will be a success?

The less powerful of the two handsets, the Samsung Galaxy A3 sports a 4.5”qHD Super AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 410 chipset.

1.5GB RAM couples a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, whilst internal storage is capped at 16GB, but can be upgraded by using a MicroSD card of your own.

A 1900mAh battery keeps things going for the industry standard 24 hours without any issues, and with an 8 megapixel camera on the rear side, the A3 also deals with all of your Instagram posts to a high standard.

Galaxy A5

Rocking a 720p Super AMOLED 5” display, the A5 obviously boasts a bit more power than the A3, although the same Snapdragon 410 chipset and quad-core processor are in place.

An improved 2GB RAM does offer better multitasking and speed, whilst the same 16GB storage is also expandable.

The improved 2300mAh battery isn’t all that beneficial to the time the A5 can last without a charge due to the increased screen size, but the introduction of a 13 megapixel snapper does offer more quality than the A3 if you’re a photography fanatic.

Which Samsung smartphone will you invest in?

Samsung Smartphone Barrage

Both of these devices are scheduled to hit the UK market by the end of the month in what could well be the beginning of a year stuffed full of Samsung handsets.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the smartphone everyone is talking about heading into MWC, and will no doubt be the flagship to get Samsung going. But talk of other Samsung devices is also running wild on the internet right now, with the S6 Mini, Note 5 and even a successor to the Galaxy Alpha mentioned.

If all of these devices do make an appearance this year, Samsung could well end up dominating 2015 on almost every smartphone front.

Competition will obviously arise from companies like Apple, HTC and Sony, but with such a surge of smartphones, it will be hard to topple the South Korean company.

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Written by Luke Hatfield