Fujitsu to sell new smartphones for the older generation

Fujitsu to sell new smartphones for the older generation

Updated 26/02/2013

It was well over a month ago that we caught wind of Fujitsu's plan to release a smartphone specially targeted at the older generation, and this week at MWC, we finally managed to get our hands on the device in question. 


The Fujitsu Stylistic offers all of the latest smartphone features including an 8 MP camera, a 4 inch diplay, and is run using the 4.0 version of Android. At the same time, the device has been created in order to appeal to users of the older generation.

Features built into the smartphone which make it suitable for first-time smartphone users include a touch screen which is less sensitive than the normal smartphone touchscreen. The reasoning behind this is that users who are not familiar with touchscreen devices tend to have a more forceful touch.

When a particular applications is selected, a blue box appears around it in order to demonstrate which specific program you want to open; you also get haptic feedback when you select an application, which gives the user more confidence that they have selected the program that they intended to; the device aims to eliminate the frequency in which a light touch culminates in opening several different applications rather than the one you originally wanted to open. 


The Stylistic also has a large and distinctive home screen which is colour coded and scrolls only vertically in order to keep the phone's layout simple. There is one physical button at the bottom of the phone's fascia which takes the user straight to the home screen, and automatically closes any program which was previously open.

Like many other smartphones, the Stylistic also mutes any background noise when you are making calls, to make it easier for the user to hear the person they are speaking to, not the traffic in the background. 

It's not just the phone's features which make this device a great starter phone for users of the older generation who don't want to limit themselves to antiquated mobile phones. The phone comes with a user manual and DVD to get you started, as well as being linked to an online forum where you can talk to other users who have shared interests.

The phone is waterproof, and also features an emergency buzzer which sounds an alarm when activated by simply flicking a button. 

When I asked what age the Styistic was specifically targeted at, the team member on the Fujitsu booth's response was a little cagey; he suggested that rather than pensioners, the device would be ideal for those in the 55-69 category who wanted to be part of the smartphone revolution, but didn't feel comfortable doing so with generic smartphones currently on the market. 

The Stylistic is going to be rolled out in France by June, so we could see the phone making its way to the UK soon after. 


Updated 02/01/2013

You may think that you’ve heard it all, but Fujitsu have revealed recently that it’s filling a void in the market by releasing mobile phones specially designed for the over-65s.

The handset is already available in Japan and is said to be launched in the U.S. and Europe later this year. Fujitsu’s model is aptly called Raku-Raku, ‘Raku’ being Japanese for ‘easy’. The phone has been designed for the over-65s in mind; it has a simple interface with few apps, large icons and noise cancellation and a voice-slowing application, making it simpler for those not entirely confident with using the regular smartphone.

The Japanese manufacturer has experience in targeting the over-65 market, and in 2009 released the Raku-Raku PC, which sported various features to make modern technology friendlier to the senior population.

Although many people may scoff at this latest model emerging from Asia, it seems to make sense for a phone to be marketed at the older generation, especially as being 65 no longer means being old. Today, more pensioners are using mobile phones than ever before, and unlike many teenagers and young adults, this growing audience have more money to spend on buying the latest technology.  

Now it would seem that there is no excuse for our senior citizens to avoid the ever-growing smartphone trend!

If you’re not quite drawing your pension yet but want to jump on the smartphone bandwagon, read our article about the best phones for the over-50s.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel