Freephone Numbers Set for Overhaul


Telecoms watchdog Ofcom has announced that Freephone numbers will be completely free for mobile users by June 2015.

Long have we seen warnings across TV saying that ‘mobile charges will be considerably more’ when ringing Freephone numbers.

But Ofcom have slammed the current charges and will overhaul the service come summer 2015. They have also announced stringent policies which will restrict the rates of premium numbers.

The numbers in question are 0800, 0808 and 116 numbers, all of which will be completely free to call after the overhaul. Numbers beginning with 09 will face strict rules restricting their charges as well to help avoid shock bills for consumers dialling the numbers regularly.

Calls to Freephone numbers currently cost between 14p and 40p per minute from mobile phones, but Ofcom has pledged that ‘Freephone will mean free’.

Some premium rate numbers can cost mobile users up to £2.55 per minute, with numbers often used for chat lines, horoscopes and adult services, with some customers massing bills up to £91,000 in extreme cases.

Often mobile networks will waive some of these costs through a ‘good will policy’ however many customers are still expected to pay a large amount of the bill to keep their phone running.

But with these new changes, prices will be capped at a currently unknown level, at least reducing these shock bills.