Free Sony SmartWatch 2 with Z1 Compact Pre-Orders

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Fancy getting your hands on a free Sony SmartWatch 2, which retails at around £130? Well Sony is offering you that if you pre-order their recently revealed Z1 Compact online.

The Z1 Compact was revealed at the CES in Las Vegas, and packs in flagship specs into a smaller handset.

Sony is offering the deal to UK only pre-orders of the SIM-free model, costing £449, with the handset available in four different colours.

The SmartWatch 2 though is Sony’s second take on wearable wrist technology, notifying you of any texts, tweets or other important information, without you having to go through the effort of going through your phone to see it.

If you were thinking of investing in the Z1 Compact, then the SmartWatch 2 might be the perfect bit of kit to back it up, and if it isn’t costing you anything, surely that’s the perfect deal.

If you don’t fancy a SmartWatch 2 for free, you can always enter our monthly competition to win a free Nokia Lumia 520. Alternatively, check out our Sony Xperia Z1 Compact deals here, starting from just £27/month.

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By Luke Hatfield