Flappy Bird Removed from Mobile Stores

Flappy Bird

It appears that the hit 2014 Flappy Bird mobile game is no more, after the owner and creator of the game removed it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store earlier today.

Nguyen Ha Dong, the man who made the game, threatened to pull it down at the end of last week, tweeting, saying that he couldn’t take it anymore, and wasn’t about legal issues.

The most perplexing aspect of the removal comes with the amount of money Dong was making each day, with a reported $50,000 from ads alone being accrued by the app.

Whilst the game is no longer available to download, it is still accessible to those who have already installed it on their phone, and there are also similar games now available on mobile app stores trying to ride its success.

The game entails guiding a bird through a series of obstacles, building a high score, but has become an instant hit in thanks to its incredible difficulty.

Flappy Bird had been downloaded over 50 million times across the Apple and Google stores, and received over half a million reviews, seeing similar success to the likes of Draw Something and Temple Run.

Whether we will see flappy bird again is unknown, but it has definitely become one of the mobile games of the year already.


iPhones and other popular handsets are being listed on eBay for prices upto $100,000, with most bids probably fake.

Whilst two of the most expensive listings have been pulled by eBay, it hasn't stopped other listing iPhones and Android devices with the game downloaded onto it putting their phones up for sale at extortionate prices.

If you fancy investing in a phone with Flappy Bird installed you can take your hunt to eBay, or just download an alternative.

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Written by Luke Hatfield