First Tizen Smartphone from Samsung Coming Soon

The prototype of a Samsung smartphone with the Tizen OS leaked in May last year and now it seems that the phone could be hitting shelves very soon.

Samsung revealed plans to merge its own Bada system with the open source Tizen project and from the leaks it looks like Samsung has given the Linux based system a polished and more seamless look and feel.

Initially the new operating system was only seen on a prototype handset but a few images have come to light to show what we can expect from the first Tizen phone. All we know of the specifications is that the handset will have a 4.3-inch HD display and will be packing a 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

Samsung has partnered with a Japanese carrier NTT Docomo and the phone will be first released in Japan before going onto other countries.

So can another operating system really make it? Windows Phone 8 and the new BlackBerry OS have some real uphill battles to make any dent in the Android domination of the mobile market so can Tizen really make a splash?

Samsung has enjoyed huge success with their handsets such as the Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy SIII is reaching huge sales numbers so whether they can achieve similar results with a new and untested operating system remains to be seen.