Amazon Fire Phone 2 on the way?

Amazon Phone

It’s safe to say that Amazon had a baptism of fire with its first smartphone launch, with very few people parting with their cash, resulting in a fairly damaging loss for the company.

However, this hasn’t deterred Amazon one bit, after reports have begun to express a desire from the internet giant about launching a follow up phone.

Listen ‘Ear’

Amazon was slammed for cramming in too many needless features on its previous smartphone, disregarding things like the design of the phone – which is never a great move.

So, you might be a bit hesitant to hear about Amazon’s rumoured feature that’s set to appear on the next Fire Phone.

Apparently, Amazon will be jumping aboard the biometric bandwagon by introducing the first mainstream ear scanning smartphone technology.

Could a new Fire Phone be on the cards?

This will obviously work by letting you answer calls by simply holding your phone to your ear, stopping other people answering your calls and screwing up your social or business life.

Scientists claim that our ears can be as unique as our fingerprints, making them an ideal way to keep our phones secure, but the question most will be asking is whether it’s really necessary.

A New Amazon Design

Despite featuring a collection of new and somewhat exciting features, the original Fire Phone’s design was heavily criticised.

The bezels were notably large, and in general the Amazon device lacked any real class. This could be altered with a new phone, which could see much more success with a refreshed look.

Most will be hoping for a metallic or leather construction, which would be a major step up from the plastic build that we currently have.

On top of this, a bunch of new specs will also be required to stir some attention Amazon’s way – especially after the recent flagship launches brought plenty of new components into play.

A HD screen would also be much appreciated, with 1080p pretty much the industry standard nowadays for high-end handsets.

Are fancy features all we need?

Amazon Fire Phone 2 Release Date

Amazon is yet to confirm a follow up to the original Fire Phone, and you can understand the hesitancy following the poor sales figures and huge price drops.

However, if a successor is to appear, then you could expect it sometime ahead of Christmas this year. A price tag would be interesting to see, although this won’t be announced until a few weeks ahead of launch, we can imagine it won’t be too costly however.

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Written by Luke Hatfield