Facebook unveils ‘Facebook Home’ rather than Facebook phone

Facebook unveils ‘Facebook Home’

Despite all of the latest rumours about Facebook releasing a Facebook phone, it seems that Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, won’t be releasing a handset after all.

Instead, software called Facebook Home will be made available for select Android models, including three from HTC and three from Samsung. Facebook Home is set to transform the way that people use smartphones; instead of accessing applications through traditional app menus, Zuckerberg asserted that he wanted to make smartphones more about people, and not apps.

Facebook Home will act as a wrapper for Google’s OS, and will enable users to view messages, images and notifications from their phone’s home screen rather than having to open up the downloadable Facebook app.

In many ways, it seems that Facebook Home will work like the HTC One’s BlinkFeed, which allows you to see Facebook posts and notifications on the device’s live home screen.

The software will be available on the six chosen phones from the 12th April, though it is expected that the service will spread to other devices once the project is underway. There are also plans to develop the software for tablets, which could change the way that we access social media on all of our devices.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel