Facebook Phone to be called HTC First?

HTC First Facebook phone

The rumoured Facebook phone has popped up on the radar again, previously known as the Myst it now looks like it could be called the HTC First. This latest rumour has appeared on Twitter from @evleaks, an account that has had a 50/50 success rate with their rumours so the name could still be up for debate.

The image doesn't really give anything away other than the name and it looks like a chunkier version of the iPhone 5 with buttons along the bottom of the 4.3-inch screen.
A software leak picked up by an Android site has revealed the phone will be packing something called "Facebook Home" which will give special access to messaging, contacts and photos on the social network.
The phone will be running HTC Sense 4.5 and include a dual-core processor and a 5-megapixel camera so it won't be a top end phone with the main selling point being the Facebook integration.
So far all of these details are rumours with no confirmation from HTC yet, however we don't have to wait too long as HTC will be holding an event tomorrow which is expected to be the launchpad for this Facebook phone.
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Written by: Carmel Brown