Facebook Mobile Users Surpass Web Users for the First Time

Facebook Mobile

For the first time Facebook announces that its visitor numbers from mobile devices has exceeded those from desktops indicating a major shift in the way the internet is accessed is well in progress as 680 million visitors accessed Facebook via a mobile device during December.

At present only 23% of advertising revenue is generated via mobile users but this is a large increase compared to the third quarters result of 14%. 
The Facebook website is transitioning slowly to reflect this change but this is a troubled and complicated transition for Facebook. Google has had the edge as its Android devices use Google Maps that have targeted location based advertising, which is highly relevant to the user.
The future for a ‘mobile Facebook’ may transition into a more Google like approach to increasing revenue streams as users begin to use the Graph Search feature where Facebook users can find restaurants etc. that their friends and their friends friend like. Will this make search results more relevant and if so what do you do if your friends have bad taste!