Prisma now works with Facebook Live

Prisma on Facebook Live

The Prisma app has made the Facebook feed and Instagram posts fill up with profile photos and posts in the style of famous paintings and cartoon designs, and fans of this photo filter app can now add more colour to their live feeds too. The latest news from the makers of the Prisma App is now there is a new feature that works with Facebook Live allowing users to apply filters to live video streams using their iPhone 7 or 6s.

Prisma for Facebook Live

This latest update to the Prisma app allows for real-time transformation of videos broadcasting over the Facebook Live platform.

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The art filter will stylize the video images into a work of art or cartoon style as they are fed live to Facebook.

prisma facebook demo

There is a choice of eight different Prisma filters that can be used on Facebook Live videos with more planned in the future.

Facebook Live Prisma on iOS

There are limitations to the update as this is only available on the iPhone 6S and 7 so far, this is due to the amount of processing power that is needed to apply the filter in real-time. The Prisma creators say that only newer smartphones can handle the process with the iOS models of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7  being the only ones packing enough  capacity for the task.

video filters for prisma

The Prisma app creators did say they are working on delivering the new Prisma Facebook Live function to more powerful Android smartphones too so users won't miss out.

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Style Transfer Photo Filter

The Prisma app uses Style Transfer technology to create effects on images and videos with a touch of a button and since the launch of the app other companies have been working on their own versions of the technology. Prisma has enjoyed a great success with over 72 million downloads of the apps since the June launch, however this trend has slowed and the company will need to keep evolving to keep up with competitors already developing similar style transfer apps.

Prisma filters

Prisma itself is based on an open-source programme that uses the Style Transfer technique and this is being replicated by other app creaters and technology companies. 

Facebook has unveiled their own version of style transfer filters that can be applied to photos, videos and livestreams and will be relased soon. Google also revealed a prototype style transfer software so we can expect a number of options should your existing phone not support the latest update from Prisma.

Prisma Updates

This latest update to Prisma is the first in a number of improvements that the company intends to deliver with future offerings expected to allow filters to be appliced to any aspect ratio to combat the current requirement of only square images being compatible. Prisma is also looking to improve the wuality of photo art styles by allowing higher resolution images for style transfer.

The company has hinted towards the app having more social aspects and support for GIFs and offline video processing on Android is expected to be announced soon.

prisma facebook filters

At the launch of the real-time filter, Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov said "We are working in a direction that we always considered important. We want to change the way people communicate with each other using the most advanced and new technology. We believe, that even a small company can achieve great results".

This latest update to the Prisma app should see another bump in popularity and the release for Android should be just as well received, however with the big guns of Facebook and Google hot on the heels of the app creator we shall have to wait and see if Prisma survives in the long run.

Speculation has already begun of a Facebook buyout after Moiseenkov visited FB HQ this year, however the company is continuing with their own path for the moment.

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Written by: Carmel Brown