Facebook Buys Whatsapp in £9.5 Billion Deal

Facebook Buys Whatsapp

The hugely popular messaging service Whatsapp has been acquired by social media giant Facebook, in a deal worth nearly £10 billion.

The deal, which has apparently been on the cards since the end of January is still waiting for regulatory approval, something that could take up to ten months to secure.

We won’t need to worry about the messenger service changing anytime soon though, with Whatsapp keeping its own name, and running through its own headquarters.

Facebook has bought the service in an effort to join in on the success messenger apps have seen over the past few years, which are threatening to make text messages a thing of the past.

Whatsapp is currently the most popular messaging service available right now, ahead of BlackBerry Messenger, and currently sends and receives over one billion messages daily.

Facebook’s own messenger service will continue to operate separately from Whatsapp as well, meaning we won’t be seeing the two merge at any time.

This brings together the most popular social media app and messenger app, with Facebook currently having 1.3 billion active monthly users.

The move comes after Facebook bought Instagram last year for approximately £600 million, and saw plenty of success running the photo-based app in tandem with Facebook.

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Written by Luke Hatfield