EU to put an end to roaming charges

EU to put and end to roaming charges

It’s one of the biggest tricks that catches mobile phone users out every year, and is one that sees you returning from your business trip or nice holiday in the sun and find yourself with a hefty bill landing on your doorstep. But now the EU has vowed to out an end to roaming charges within the European Union, making calls and texts cost the same as back home.

It is hoped that the lack of roaming charges in Europe will help both the consumer and mobile phone network operators.

Officials from Brussels claimed that by breaking down the barriers between nations, European carriers will be able to offer their services to a wider network of customers across the EU.

By encouraging competition, consumers may also be able to benefit from lower rates on top of the removal of roaming charges.

Although there was some disagreement over the decision in Brussels, it looks like the plans will go ahead, and could be put into place by July 2014- just in time, for many of us, for our annual summer holiday abroad!

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel