EU Roaming Charges Could be Exiled

European Roaming Charges

It looks as though we could be seeing an end to the excessive and often extremely costly roaming charges throughout the EU, with MEP’s voting in favour of change this week.

The law, which still needs to be passed despite receiving a majority vote in the European Parliament would force networks based throughout the EU to exile roaming charges.

This means that a phone call from the UK would cost the same price as a phone call from any other EU member.

This obviously spells bad news for network providers, who have made a pretty penny from smartphone users unaware of the freakishly large costs for using data abroad.

It also doesn’t make good reading for phone card providers, who capitalise on many travellers hesitance to use mobile phones when abroad by selling cheaper call cards to other countries.

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But it is brilliant news for all of us smartphone users, pretty much ending our worries when taking our phones abroad.

The law will likely find its way to pass later on this year and could even be fully in place by December 2015, giving us regular priced 4G speeds, which are compatible with these handsets, across Europe for Christmas next year.

One question that has now been raised is the cost of smartphone contracts after this bill has been passed, with some networks apparently wanting to up the monthly cost of our deals to make up for this lost income.

Until the bill passes, it’s unlikely we’ll see or hear of any changes, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens we guess.

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Written by Luke Hatfield