EE to Trial LG G Flex Before Release

LG G Flex

EE has signed a deal to bring the LG G Flex into its stores before its official release in February, to give potential customers an opportunity to get a feel for the curved smartphone before buying.

The LG G Flex is set to be released in February 2014, with no official date and price revealed just yet, but from Friday 20th December, selected EE stores will have the phone for customers to trial.

The Flex is one of the first phones to feature a curved screen, and will be competing with the Samsung Galaxy Round after it was released earlier this year.

Several manufacturers support the curve concept, claiming that the phone is more comfortable in the hand compared to current mobile phones on the market.

There will only be 10 EE stores trialling the phone for customers, based in London, Kent, Nottingham, Manchester, Brighton, Cambridge, Birmingham and Sheffield.

If you want to get your hands on one of the first curved phones to hit the market, you can go into any of the aforementioned stores and ask for a hands-on trial.

You may not be able to purchase the ground-breaking handset right away, but you can definitely get a good chance to try it out if you haven’t made your mind up already.

By Luke Hatfield