EE Reveals Cheapest 4G Smartphone Ever

EE Rook

EE appears to be throwing deals out there for everyone to take advantage of this year! After revealing that its Power Bar stock is back in full flow, the mobile network is now showing off the cheapest 4G smartphone ever to hit the UK.

Named the EE Rook, the phone is being marketed as an affordable Pay as you Go option for those after 4G speeds.

The Cheapest 4G Phone

Is the EE Rook the cheapest 4G phone ever?

Costing new customers just £49, you’re not very likely to find a better deal than the Rook here in the UK, and if you’re already on EE it will be even harder, as it prices up £10 less for loyalists. Either way, you’ll also have to chip in £10 for credit when you make your purchase, so it will be around £60 for non-EE customers and £50 if you already have a deal with the network.

Considering the price of the handset, we’re actually getting quite a good looking effort, and one which can be relied upon to last as well.

It’s obviously based on a plastic chassis to keep costs down, but the overall look is one which is actually quite stylish.

The button placement is fairly standard, with capacitive buttons just underneath its display which are common for Android devices.

Other than this it’s business as usual for the EE device, which doesn’t show off too much, but isn’t unattractive in any sense of the word.

EE Rook Specs

If you’re more focused about the power behind the hood on the Rook then you should be pretty impressed with what’s on offer considering the affordable price tag.

Fronted by a 4” 480x800 display, it’s not quite rocking the HD label, but does the job. Behind this we get a 1GHz quad-core processor, MediaTek chipset and 1GB RAM.

Memory is capped at just 8GB, so you may want to invest in a MicroSD Card of any size up to 32GB to cope with all of your media needs.

What do you make of the EE Rook?

A 1500mAh battery keeps things running for a suitable amount of time, although we wouldn’t bank on more than two days of life if we’re being honest.

Camera lovers get a solid 5 megapixel on the back side of the Rook, whilst a 0.3 megapixel lens adorns the front of the phone, which is useable but not exactly packed full of quality.

The Android Lollipop operating system is what you’ll get in terms of software, bringing one of the latest pieces of kit to the fray, with plenty of features being stuffed inside.

The biggest selling point however, is the 4G service, of which EE offers the best coverage in the UK, all without costing you an arm and a leg.

EE is also offering plenty of accessories with the phone for an added price, with selfie sticks, chargers and memory cards on offer.

So, what do you make of the brand new EE Rook? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield