EE Recalls All Power Bars


EE’s fracas with its battery-tackling power bars seems to have been dealt a killer blow, after the network provider has officially called for a recall of all devices.

The program is available for a tiny cost if you’re on EE, allowing you to effectively rent a portable charger to keep your smartphone’s battery in the best shape possible. However, fears regarding a certain batch of the chargers forced a preliminary recall of certain versions, a problem which appears to be more widespread than first feared – resulting in a full recall.

No More Power Bars

EE is recalling all of its power bars now...

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Citing fears of overheating, EE has now issued a full recall for all power bars, regardless of what model they happen to be. This means that if you happen to have one that you should be taking it back to an EE store in quick-fast time.

For the trouble, EE will be handing out £20 vouchers for in-store use, meaning that you could help out your phone with a new case or other accessory in place of the power bar. EE will also be ending any agreement with customers regarding the power bar when they’re returned.

EE hasn’t given any word on whether it plans on re-releasing the power bars once the problems are solved, but it seems unlikely given the amount of trouble they’ve caused already.

What’s the problem?

The main cause for concern with EE’s collection of power bars is that they’re reportedly overheating when being charged and when in use. This obviously causes plenty of risks, with fires being the biggest of the bunch.

This query was first raised with batch number E1-06, forcing those models to be recalled and swapped out for more reliable versions. But now it seems that EE has found the defect in other models – leading to the full recall.

EE power bar owners are being asked to return their devices in-store...

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It’s worth noting that we’ve not seen or heard of many injuries caused by the chargers, but as always, you’re probably better off avoiding the risk if you can.

EE will be accepting any power bars returned in-store, so you can return them whenever you get chance. However, if you’d like more information, you can call EE on 0800 079 0305 for some extra guidance or go to their website.

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Written by Luke Hatfield