EE introduces cheaper 4G price plans

EE introduces cheaper 4G price plans

Just shy of three months into its 4G offerings, EE has announced changes in its pricing and data plans. A new £31 monthly contract makes 4G entry more palatable and a mammoth 20GB sim only plan gives more security to those who consume mega amounts of data.

Launched with a marketing campaign that blanketed the country like this week’s snow, EE’s 4G coverage was set to revolutionise mobile internet access. However with expensive monthly plans in return for modest data allowances and a small selection of 4G compatible handsets to choose from, adoption hasn’t been as widespread as hoped.

The introductory 4G price plan now starts at £31 per month in return for 500MB, on a 24-month contract. This is a reduction of £5 and is likely to be met with some anger from existing subscribers, who are locked in to their £36 monthly contract until at least 2014.

Better news for the data hungry users is the new 20GB data plan. Starting at £61 a month, this is actually being discounted by £15 to £46 to users who sign up before the end of February. This plan is also a 12-month sim only contract, meaning you’ll need a 4G compatible device to accompany it.

With other networks preparing their own 4G offerings for launch later in 2013, this appears to be a move from EE to sign up as many customers as it can before the service becomes more widely available.

Written by Damian Carvill