EE's 4G speeds set to double

EE's 4G speeds set to double

4G’s main provider of 4G phone network, EE, has announced that it will double the speeds of its 4G service in 10 cities across the UK.

Earlier this year, EE planned a massive development of its 4G network, increasing coverage from just the big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, to smaller towns and cities throughout the UK. And with the auctioning of the 4G spectrum allowing network providers such as Vodafone and Telefonica (o2) to offer 4G networks, we can see 4G spreading to the whole of the UK in no time.

The transition between 3G and 4G is set to make internet connection via smartphones and tablets at least seven times faster, though EE’s announcement today suggests that 4G in the future could provide us with even faster internet speeds.

Currently, speeds on the EE network fluctuate between 8Mbps and 12Mbps, though this figure could rise to over 20Mbps with EE’s faster 4G capabilities. And with these increased 4G speeds, the UK will be flying ahead of the US in terms of 4G network speeds, drawing us level with Japan.

But what does a faster 4G connection actually mean for the consumer? According to some sources, faster 4G will enable us to upload and download HD images, as well as watch HD TV on the go, making it easier than ever to access all of the same files, pictures and movies on the move as you can in the office.

Initially the faster 4G network will be rolled out across 10 UK cities, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Sheffield.

However, some critics have warned that faster internet speeds could lead to bill shock at the end of each month. On the other hand, network providers o2, EE and Vodafone are offering mobile phone contracts which reflect higher internet usage, with many 4G deals including either 1GB or unlimited data allowances.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel