Did Samsung rig benchmark tests for the Galaxy Note 3?

Did Samsung rig benchmark tests for the Galaxy Note 3?

It’s not the first time that we’ve heard rumours of manufacturers putting a slightly higher performing device forward for benchmark testing and it has been revealed that Samsung might be at fault for rigging the benchmark testing for its Galaxy Note 3 device.

On paper the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 2.3GHz 800 Snapdragon processor is identical to that of the LG G2 flagship device. However, when put to the test in benchmarks, the Note 3 emerges as much faster.

Ars Technica questioned these results, and discovered that Samsung used some form of booster to make the results appear better than they would be in a typical Note 3 smartphone. When the Note 3 was tested without such booster, the results were found to mimic the G2 much more closely.

Although Samsung has not made a comment denying or accepting these claims, the fact that the same skewed results have appeared for the Galaxy S4 and now the Note 3 suggests there’s some foul play at hand.

We punish athletes for enhancing their performance along unnatural means, so it is ok for Samsung to do the same for its products? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Alternatively, and post a comment below.