Did Samsung pay people to badmouth HTC?

Did Samsung pay people to badmouth HTC?

It seems that fair trade officials from Taiwan have begun an investigation after it has emerged that Samsung may have paid people to write negative reviews about the HTC One.

Reports suggest that Samsung paid students to post anonymous comments and reviews which not only discredited HTC’s flagship model, the HTC One, but also praised Samsung’s various handsets on the market.

Although Samsung Taiwan has neither denied nor confirmed these allegations, it has announced on its Facebook page that all marketing activities which involve anonymous posts will cease during the investigation.  

Since the HTC One was unveiled in February this year, Samsung has made a few dirty tackles, including holding the reveal event for the Samsung Galaxy S4 the day before the HTC One’s launch in order to steal the limelight.

And it is no secret that while devices such as the Galaxy S3, Note 2 and Note 10 are impressive devices, Samsung’s enormous marketing budget has a lot to do with the Korean company’s rapid rise to the top over the past few years. But would Samsung really stoop to this level?

If the allegations do prove to be accurate, Samsung could find itself paying up to £550,000 in compensation for false advertising. However, the manufacturer would also suffer a heavy blow to its reputation within the industry. And with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 imminent, Samsung really can’t afford to slip behind HTC’s impressive flagship model.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel