Could mobile phones be banned at gigs?

Could mobile phones be banned at gigs?

Following a report by the BBC this morning, it seems that celebrities, bands and performers alike are reaching the end of their tether with the impact of mobile phones at live performances.

This comes after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ lead singer, Karen O, announced that the band wanted all phones out of sight during a gig in New York last week. There are two main factors leading to the request; one, the use of phones is irritating for people trying to enjoy a performance, and two, because there are various copyright issues related to taking live recordings.

Even at the pope’s inauguration in Rome last month, spectators complained of their view being obstructed by people taking photos and videos with various smartphone and tablet devices. Now it seems that seeing over people’s heads is the last concern you should have when going to the theatre or a concert; people holding phones in the air to record footage is beginning the real problem. But is it finally becoming a social faux pas?

Not only are video and photo-taking at live performances irritating, the results are often distorted and blurred because of lighting and movement, making them essentially unwatchable. Even the best smartphone cameras will struggle to accurately capture the moment exactly as you are experiencing it.

However, there are some known uses of DIY videos taken by fans at gigs. For example, apps like Vyclone use such footage to create official music videos, including the Ed Sheeran’s single, ‘Give Me Love’.

Do you think there is a place for mobile phones at live performaces? Or should you draw the line at music gigs, operating a strictly no-phone policy at other performances such as stand-up comedy, theatre and the cinema? Join the debate on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Alternatively, to post a comment below. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel