Cortana UK launches for Android and iOS

Cortana UK launches for Android and iOS

The Cortana personal assistant from Microsoft makes today’s news, as it has just been updated to version 2.0.1. This edition has been made available for smartphone users in the UK and for the first time Cortana is available on Android and iOS. 

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The Android version of Cortana can be downloaded today, while the iOS version of Cortana will become available for download in a few weeks time.

Cortana 2.0.1 introduces a few enhancements and a brand new look. The fresh new look is highlighted in our video below and its simplifications makes it far easier to work with.

In particular, quick actions place the things you most frequently do, within easy reach and this is a real help for when you use touch instead of voice. The quick actions includes My day, All reminders, New reminder, Weather, Meeting, News, New alarm, Joke, Song and Help.  

Cortana vs Siri vs Alexa

The Help option lists the voice commands that you might find useful and the Cortana personal assistant also continually shows example voice commands, at the bottom of the screen, when the app is in use. 

Cortana tips

If you download the Cortana app, which is free, then it is well worth visiting the settings tab, in order to get the most out of Cortana. The settings tab is accessed though the head and shoulders icon in the top right of the screen.

Cortana tips

Within the settings tab your can turn on the ‘Hey Cortana’ voice activation command and sync notifications, so that you can view them on your Windows PC. You can also opt in to receive missed call notifications, low phone battery notifications and app notifications (with individual app enrollment) on your Windows PC.

Cortana voice commands

Some of the most common voice commands that you may use are listed below. It is however important to remember that Cortana understands natural dialogue, so just ask Cortana to do something in the same way that you would, if you were speaking to another person.

  • Call ….
  • Text ….
  • Put …. appointment on my calendar
  • Remind me to …. tomorrow
  • Wake me up at ….
  • Send an email
  • How far to ….
  • What’s the weather like
  • Show me top headlines
  • What time does flight …. depart
  • What was the score of the …. game
  • Convert fifty pounds to US dollars
  • Convert 102 inches to centimetres
  • Define ….

Who is Cortana for?

With Android owners already familiar with the Google Assistant and iOS users already familiar with Siri, it does pose the question of who is Cortana for? The answer is most likely that Cortana is for those who have a Windows PC or laptop.

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Under this scenario, Cortana keeps both devices in perfect sync and with services like being able to send a text message in response to missed calls on a PC, there is a definite advantage to using Cortana.

Android Nougat update

The bottom line however, is that Cortana is free to download, so Android and iOS users can give it go without any financial implications.

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Written by: Michael Brown