Corning Shows Off Antibacterial Touch Screen

Touch screen manufacturer Corning has revealed its brand new touch screen which helps battle germs that are finding a place to live on your smartphone.

The display, which features ions of silver, helps kill off and deter bacteria from sticking to your touch screen, reducing the risk of the user picking up a nasty bug after using their phone.

We at did a simple online test to see just how many germs live on a phone, in this case an iPhone 4s and came out with a rather shocking result.

Approximately 1.8 million germs have found a place to stay on our iPhone, that’s equivalent to 369 toilet seats, and made us think that this new anti-germ technology could actually be a decent investment.

The touch screen, which was revealed at CES in Las Vegas, apparently fights off 99.9% of certain bacteria according to Corning, and still works perfectly with your mobile phone.

Unfortunately fingerprints and smudges will still find their way onto your phone as Corning still haven’t come up with a way to battle these slightly trickier touch screen opponents.

The screen reportedly takes around an hour to fight off the bacteria on the screen, and will cost approximately 35p extra per phone to install, so shouldn’t increase the cost of handsets by too much.

There is no release date for the screen, with many questioning its effectiveness considering it hasn’t been fully tested yet, but if the touch screen does what it says it can do, it would be no surprise to see it making an appearance sooner rather than later.

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By Luke Hatfield