Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to be announced at CES

Corning Gorilla Glass has become commonplace on many smartphones as we all want our touchscreens to stay scratch free and just as good as new and now Corning has something even tougher for us.

The company is expected to reveal Corning Glass 3 at the CES Event in Las Vegas and this latest protective covering for touchscreens has Native Damage Resistance that upholds the strength of the glass even after it has been damaged.

What does this mean? Well the latest Corning Glass 3 will be three times more scratch resistant and will show 40 percent less visible scratches.

Great news for mobile users like me as scratch resistant coatings are all well and good but when the phone is always buried at the bottom of my bag amongst coins and keys and I am scrambling round for it all the time even the best of today’s screens gets marked.

Corning will be revealing the tougher glass on January 7th at the CES along with optical cables for device-to-device connectors for Thunderbolt.